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Bloomberg: Apple Announces Deal With Google to Use Gemini This Fall


Apple will announce another deal soon to add Google Gemini this fall to be next after ChatGPT, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter today

Gemini has been part of the iOS 18 chatbot rumors for as long as OpenAI, with Apple software chief Craig Federighi even hinting at a deal with Google shortly after the keynote ended

Anthropic was also involved in these rumors, and Gurman also suggests that Apple could announce a deal with that company at some point, if not this fall, however, Meta was quickly dismissed because its Llama chatbot wasn't good enough

Beyond the chatbot integration, there's Apple Intelligence, which is supposed to appear in beta form next fall. Apple reportedly wants to make AI a direct monetization tool, not just a set of features aimed at moving hardware products

As part of that, Gurman suggests the company “may eventually roll out” opt-in-only Apple Intelligence features

But it looks like that won't happen for a while, and while Apple Intelligence is only available for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max at the moment, who knows if the release that comes first will be enough to make a significant upgrade to the iPhone 15 cycle

We don't even know if the features will be any good, and in the meantime, it suggests that Apple will still get at least some AI money when it takes a cut of in-app purchases from subscriptions to its AI chatbot partners