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Learn how to cancel the computer password in more than one way for Windows 10


Canceling the password in Windows 10 can be useful in certain cases, such as when you want to facilitate the login process on a computer used by several people in a secure environment. In this topic, we will review several ways to cancel the password on Windows 10
First method: Use account settings
- Press the Start button and choose Settings.
- Go to Accounts.
- Change login options:
- Choose Sign-in options from the side menu.
- Under the Password section, click Change.
Remove password
- Enter your current password and press Next.
-Leave the fields for the new password blank and click Next, then Finish.

Method 2: Use the Computer Management tool

Open Computer Management

-Right-click the Start button and choose Computer Management.

Account management
-Go to Local Users and Groups and then Users
Remove password

- Right-click on the name of the account for which you want to remove the password and choose Set Password.
- Click on Proceed and leave the new password fields blank, then click on OK.

Method 3: Use a Microsoft account

If you use a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows 10, you must first convert the account to a local account

Open account settings
- Press the Start button and choose Settings.
- Go to Accounts.
Transfer to a local account: Under Your info, choose Sign in with a local account instead.
-Follow the instructions to enter your current password and create a local account.

Remove password
After switching to a local account, follow the steps in the first method to remove the password.