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Technology companies are integrating AI into their phones...and photo deletion tools are the top features


At its recent  Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024  , Apple  unveiled a bunch of AI-powered features for its devices, including a new Clean Up tool for the Photos app. This tool lets users remove unwanted objects or people from their photos by simply tagging them. Interestingly, Apple's AI Clean Up tool is strikingly similar to those already available on competing phones, such as Google's Magic Eraser 

Apple is not the first to offer a photo editing tool similar to the one offered by Google. Samsung and even OnePlus have recently introduced AI Eraser tools to their users. While we see these mobile phone manufacturers equipping their phones with AI capabilities, what is the big problem with these AI erasers

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While the Magic Eraser tool is a great photo cleaning feature, the question is, why are phone companies so keen on offering this feature

There are likely several reasons. Generative AI, the technology behind these tools, has become increasingly popular, and users are eager to get their hands on smartphones equipped with AI tools. A photo editing tool like this provides a quick way to edit photos without relying on... On heavy programs such as Photoshop

For businesses, incorporating AI eraser tools serves multiple purposes. First, as I mentioned, it enhances the user experience, making their devices more attractive and competitive. In a market where camera quality has become one of the most important selling points, advanced photo editing capabilities can be a deciding factor. For consumers, secondly, these tools are a step towards an AI-driven future. Even a simple editing tool gives users assurance that their company is also entering into the AI ​​transformation, showcasing the companies' AI prowess and enhancing their reputation as leaders in innovation

Additionally, these features are likely aimed at encouraging users to engage more deeply with their ecosystems, which could lead to increased subscriptions and more purchases. For example, Google's Magic Eraser, which was initially tied to a subscription, is now being offered. Google One, free to a wide range of Android users, not only enhances user engagement, but also positions Google as a more inclusive and user-friendly brand

Although this photo editing technology is still under development, it is a clear sign of the direction in which the future of smartphone photography is headed. With Apple joining the table, the competition will become fiercer, which will ultimately benefit users with more editing tools. Powerful and easy to use easily available on their smartphones