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Learn about the most important details about the new changes in the Apple Weather app

After Apple made AI and non-AI changes to most of its apps with iOS 18, it turns out that the tech giant's native Weather app has gotten two new features, the actual temperature listed in the app at any given time, and the "feels like" temperature. The latter gives users a more realistic temperature that reveals how hot or cold the air is to the human body after calculating variables such as relative humidity, wind speeds, and the amount of sunlight, according to phonearena

In iOS 18, the Apple Weather app will show both the actual temperature and the “feels like” temperature right where both numbers are easily visible. At the top of the Weather app, you’ll see the current temperature in large numbers. Just below the current temperature, the app will say “Feels Like” using a smaller font. Currently, you can see the actual temperature at the top of the screen. Scroll down to find the “Feels Like” box that looks like the actual temperature. Apple says the “Feels Like” temperature will be displayed in a different color, and in a smaller font

So this is a nice change coming to Apple's Weather app with iOS 18, and what's even more interesting is that the "Feels Like" number won't show up when the actual and "Feels Like" temperatures are very close. That way you won't run into a situation where the actual temperature shows up as 75 and the "Feels Like" number is exactly the same. Both temperature options will only show up when there's a significant difference between them. For example, if the actual temperature is 91 degrees and the "Feels Like" number is 100 degrees, you'll see both readings, front and center, in the Apple Weather app

The second new feature coming to the Weather app with iOS 18 relates to how Apple Maps gets your home and work addresses from your contact card in the Contacts app. This makes it easier for an iPhone user to quickly get directions to their home and office via Apple Maps. With iOS 18, the Weather app will get the same information from the Contacts app so that your home and work addresses are automatically added to the locations tracked by the native Weather app

You can expect to see these changes coming not only to the iPhone Weather app in iOS 18 but also to the Weather app on iPad with iPadOS 18 and Mac with the upcoming macOS 15 Sequoia update