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Stellar Blade sells 1 million copies worldwide in just two months


A recent report has revealed that the action-adventure game Stellar Blade has sold 1 million units since its release in April, and Shift Up also reportedly revealed that plans for a PC port of Stellar Blade, which launched as a PS5 exclusive, are currently under review

Stellar Blade PS5 sales

According to a report from Korean outlet GameMeca (via VGC), Stellar Blade is estimated to have sold over 1 million copies since its launch on April 26. “Since its release, it has ranked first in sales in major console markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom,” the paper quotes Shift Up CFO Ahn Jae-woo as saying. “Its cumulative sales are estimated to have exceeded 1 million copies in the United States and the United Kingdom ”

Stellar Blade PC Version

The developer also discussed its plans to release Stellar Blade for PC at the press conference, with the game, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, launching exclusively on PS5 , with the report quoting the CFO as saying: “It was released as a PS5 exclusive, but the number of PS5 distributions and activation levels were not as high as those of PS4.”
Recently, the main consumer of AAA games has shifted to PC, he added: "We are currently reviewing the PC version of Stellar Blade, and if we launch the PC version, we expect the value of the IP to increase again."

Sony has followed a two-year delay pace of releasing exclusive console titles on PC. Many popular first-party franchises like God of War and Spider-Man have made their way to PC after a period of console exclusivity. Most recently, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut launched exclusively on PlayStation on May 16 on PC, and the open-world action-adventure title became PlayStation's biggest single-player launch on Steam

It is therefore expected that Stellar Blade will eventually arrive on PC after playing exclusively on PS5. However, Shift Up reportedly stopped short of providing a timeline for the game's launch on PC, and the report quoted the studio's CFO as saying: "We are reviewing the release of the game on PC." Stellar Blade PC, We ask that you understand that we cannot tell you the exact timing or whether or not we have a contractual relationship”