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What does the “Deep Search” feature in Bing mean...and how does it differ from regular search?


Whether it's  Google Chrome or Microsoft Bing, search engines are powerful tools that help billions of users find information on the web, but there may be times when users don't get a satisfactory answer. For such complex queries, these two major platforms provide advanced search options. 

, has just introduced a more powerful and efficient deep search option to provide users with almost the exact answer they were looking for.

Deep Search from Microsoft Bing 

Microsoft has created a deep search feature in Bing that allegedly provides more relevant and comprehensive answers to complex queries. The company stresses that Deep Search is not a replacement but an enhancement to Bing's search capabilities, and since it's powered by AI, there's a lot going on in the backend.

How does deep search work

Microsoft points out that Deep Search builds on Bing's existing web index and classification system, and augments them with the GPT-4 Large Language Model (LLM), the underlying technology of the Copilot chatbot in the browser. The model itself takes the search query entered by users "to expand it into a description." More comprehensive of what an ideal set of outcomes should include.”

Deeper results but at a cost

Once Bing creates a target, it digs deeper into the web to show results that don't often appear in typical search results. Microsoft explains: "Deep Search uses a combination of query techniques to find pages that might match my expanded query, rewrite the query for me, and search... about those differences as well.”

After collecting search results, Deep Search then sorts them according to how well they match the overall description and “delivers a curated list of results and answers that are most likely to answer your question, satisfy your curiosity, or solve your problem.”

However, in order to get more contextual answers, a deep search can take up to thirty seconds – which is a long time compared to a regular search. However, deep search is not tailored to every query or user and is an optional feature.