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New artificial intelligence from Google for Chrome helps you write better


Google has already added   the “Help me write” tool, which is an artificial intelligence-powered tool, to many of its applications and services. The tool aims to make users’ lives easier by helping them write better and more effectively.

9to5Google reported that Google is now adding the “Help Me Write” tool to the Chrome web browser, and according to the report, the feature will become available on the desktop version of the web browser that includes Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

For those who don't know, the Help Me Write tool is already available in Gmail, Google Docs, Keep, Google Messages, etc.

What is the “Help me write” feature

Help Me Write is Google's most popular application of AI among its apps and services. This feature allows users to type better, faster and more efficiently. He assigns a small draft of a question or command from users and creates content based on this prompt.

“Help me write” in Chrome

In Chrome, the feature has been implemented in the autofill window that pops up when users try to enter text online. The tool can also be accessed by right-clicking on the web page. The implementation also uses the context of the website and uses it to write content based on the prompt requested by the users.

It can be used to create a summary of the content, write a review of the place, etc.

The report also suggests that Google may have made some changes and tweaks to the tool to better optimize it for using Chrome compared to the Docs, Gmail, and Messages implementation. Users get the option to shorten or lengthen the text. Along with this, users also have the option to choose the best casual or formal.

How to enable Help Me Write in Chrome

The Help Me Write tool has not yet been released in the stable version. However, it is available via //flag, however, an additional build flag is needed to enable it.