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How to transfer multiple applications at once on iPhone.. Know the steps


When it comes to rearranging apps on your iPhone 's home screen , don't waste your time moving each app individually. Here's a trick that lets you move multiple apps at once, according to macrumors .

You can move multiple apps from your home screen to another screen or to a folder, making organization easy. Follow these steps:

How to transfer multiple apps at once on iPhone

1- Press and hold the space bar on the home screen to make all your apps vibrate, as you would to move or delete an app.

2- Using your finger, drag the first app you want to move away from its initial position, but do not let your finger move away from the screen.

3- Using the second finger, tap on the icons of additional apps that you want to add to your group, while keeping the first finger on the first app.

4- Now move the applications to the place where you want to place them.

5- Every application you clicked on will be grouped with the first application you dragged.

You can assign the entire collection to a folder, or drag it to the new Home screen page.