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Meta fixes a bug in the Instagram platform that caused the sound to be removed from old videos


The popular photo-sharing service Instagram, owned by Meta, is facing a new problem, as there is said to be a bug in the social media platform that causes the audio to be removed from old videos that were uploaded several years ago. According to a report issued by The Verge, the social media giant Meta has confirmed Social Media is working to solve the problem of restoring audio for the affected videos.
The report claims that the bug only affects “very old” videos, and users have also reported facing this issue with some of their videos that are almost a decade old.

How does this bug affect users

The report notes that over the past few months, some users noticed that videos from around 2014 and earlier suddenly lost sound. Instagram was able to play these videos but without any sound. Users also reported that trying to turn up the volume or unmute The video also didn't work because the bug prevents Instagram from finding the audio tracks for these clips.
The report notes that the bug affects the social media service on multiple platforms including Android and iPhone as well as the web client, and some videos are also displaying an error saying “Video has no sound.”
The report claims that this appears to be an issue on Instagram's part and not a takedown issue related to copyrighted audio. Meanwhile, in some cases, embedding said audio below the video seems to work but becomes ineffective when the clip is viewed directly on Instagram.
According to the report, the issue appears to have started earlier this year, and in June, a Reddit user noted: “I recently lost a good friend of mine, and I have videos of us on [Instagram] that I would like to hear his voice in.”
In May, another user wrote that he had lost sound in a video of his dog who died. Meanwhile, another user complained that there was no sound in old videos of his baby daughter.

What does Meta say about this issue

Meta has confirmed that it is working to fix the issue. However, the company did not provide a specific timeline for when the issue would be resolved. In a statement, company spokesperson Sin Kim said: “We are aware that the bug caused some people to have trouble accessing audio on older feed posts. The issue is being resolved, and we apologize for the inconvenience.” ".