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Season 5 of Fortnite introduces a new island and boss characters


Epic concluded the fourth season of Fortnite  with The Big Bang event, and now the game moves to another chapter, which is Chapter Five. The first season is titled Underground and is scheduled to start on December 7.

And with the new season comes some big changes – a new island to replace the ruined island, with a Lego-inspired theme, and there will also be boss battles, with a new cast of licensed characters, including Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Peter Griffin from Family Guy, who has become Torn now.

The new island contains many biomes that you can explore. In the west, you will find the Ritzy Riviera Marina in the Chaparral biome, where you can head to the northern forest in the northwest to visit the abandoned Rebel's Roost Palace. The grassland biome in the center of the island also provides beautiful views. Train passengers heading to Grand Station see it on the serpentine railways, and to the east, you'll find the northern tundra and northern snow regions, home to Hazy Hillside Village and the Grand Glacier Hotel.

During the early part of the season, snow covers more than just the northern snow region, and to celebrate the 2023 Winter Festival, the boreal forests and northern tundra are also covered in snow.

A new vehicle - the Grandeur Trailsmasher SUV - will let you explore the island your way. There's also a Ballistic Shield, modifiable weapons, customizable vehicles and in-game cosmetics, and Rocket League players may also see some ported items.

The new chapter introduces five main characters on the island, one of which is Peter Griffin, and players can earn a medal by defeating them, allowing them to replenish their armor over time. However, it comes with a drawback as well, as holding a medal will make other players aware of your location on the island. map, and the number of medals you have determines the radius of your exact location.

Epic announced an upcoming in-game experience called Lego Fortnite, as a result of its ongoing partnership. The game is a “survival crafting” game that will be launched within Fortnite on December 7.

As part of the collaboration most existing Fortnite skins will include a Lego-themed option, making characters like Peely the banana in Lego bricks, and Epic has confirmed that there are more than 1,200 skins available for players to choose from. However, these modes will only be available in Lego experiences within Fortnite.