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Steps.. How to protect your iPhone from hacking using the “Lockdown” feature


Some time ago, Apple introduced  a security feature  known as “Lockdown Mode,” which provides security features to iPhone users who face rare and sophisticated digital threats.

According to reports, the “Lockdown Mode” feature will be tasked with repelling “paid” cyberattacks that target specific people and not the general public. When activated, the feature will block most types of files contained in messages, except for images.

It will also disable the ability to preview links contained in messages, in addition to blocking some complex web technology features and  incoming FaceTime  calls if the user has not previously sent a request to the caller.

The ability to connect the iPhone to computers or accessories will also be blocked, preventing the installation of profile files and preventing receiving some alerts, which means providing a “solid” level of security for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by paid spyware.

But at the same time, the “Lockdown Mode” feature strictly limits the functions of iPhone phones, which is something that the average user cannot afford, and since the vast majority of users will not be victims of “paid-for” cyber attacks, Apple decided to provide its feature to people who... They may use it.

 How to activate the "Lockdown" feature

1- Open the phone settings, then search for the word Lockdown at the top.

2- Click on Lockdown and then choose to turn on Lockdown mode.

3- After the previous step, the feature will be activated after the phone restarts automatically.