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Launching a group of new games for Apple Arcade. Find out the details


The Apple Arcade gaming platform revealed the launch of a number of new games during the holiday season, specifically 8 games that will be launched until the end of the year, the most prominent of which is Knotwords, an excellent crossword puzzle game that was launched on November 3.
According to the American macworld website, the list of games includes Football Manager, the arcade game Downwell, and the game Delicious – Miracle of Life, and these games were also launched last November.
The platform also introduced some notable games in December, such as Dreamlight Valley, which is no longer available to play for free, as well as an all-new Sonic 3D game with Sonic Dream Team, a remake of the match-3 RPG Puzzles & Dragons.
There is also Turmoil, a parody game inspired by the oil rush of the nineteenth century in North America.