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Google has updated its Bard AI program to improve understanding of YouTube clips


Google has updated   its Bard AI chatbot so you can have deeper, more meaningful conversations with it when it comes to YouTube videos, according to an engadget report. 
The company announced that it has expanded the capabilities of the Bard extension on YouTube so that generative artificial intelligence, when enabled, can understand some video content. 
Google said you will be able to ask Bard how many eggs were used in an olive oil cake recipe video.
As Android Authority suggested, you'll probably also be able to ask it the name of certain tools in DIY videos, and for food reviews, Bard might be able to tell you where certain restaurants discussed in the videos are located, or where a particular cuisine comes from. 
Bard first gained the ability to pull data from YouTube in September after an update that integrated it with other Google products, including Docs, Maps, Lens, Flights, and Hotels. However, he was unable to analyze the contents of the video, and was unable to answer detailed questions about it. 
Google said it rolled out this update because it "heard that you wanted deeper engagement with YouTube videos." It also said it had just taken "the first steps in Bard's ability to understand YouTube videos, suggesting that the technology can better analyze videos on the platform in the future." the future. 
To be able to chat with Bard about YouTube videos, you will have to enable the YouTube extension on your chatbot's web portal.