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For this reason... Apple may not return the Touch ID feature to iPhones


Apple launched the iPhone
Previous rumors claimed that the company is planning to bring back the Touch ID feature, and a new report indicates that the iPhone 16 lineup will not contain Touch ID technology as Apple does not plan to bring back this feature. 
This comes while the company is still using Touch ID on the iPad mini 6 and iPad Air models, as the feature is only available on the budget variants of the iPad as the 'Pro' models have already been upgraded with Face ID.
In this context, a post shared by an integrated circuit expert on the Chinese social media platform Weibo (seen by MacRumors) claims that Apple has no plans to bring back Touch ID on the iPhone because it has stopped manufacturing the chips needed for this technology, while Apple only offers Touch ID on the iPhone lineup. SE budget.
Apart from this, the company has no plans to reintroduce this feature in any other iPhone.
Furthermore, Apple may be working on including TrueDepth camera sensors under the screen, which may allow iPhones to feature the Face ID authentication system under the screen, which will help provide a full-screen experience to users.
The company is also working on the next generation of the affordable iPhone SE 4. Apple may also remove the Touch ID feature from the SE series, and the upcoming smartphone is expected to contain all Face ID components. 
With the iPhone SE 4, Apple may move away from Touch ID or introduce an entirely new mechanism for authentication. Even if the company uses any type of Touch ID mechanism, it will not be placed on the home button or power button. 
The company is exploring options to integrate Touch ID at the bottom of the screen similar to those available on many Android smartphones. The report did not mention whether Apple will use Face ID or Touch ID at the bottom of the screen for its upcoming smartphones. However, the company plans to make these changes. In 2026.