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The best skills you can acquire in Persona 5 Tactica


The Persona series has always handled skills in a unique way, though different from its bigger JRPG sibling, Persona 5 Tactica takes a slightly more traditional approach to how you acquire new skills and abilities, rather than being exclusively tied to leveling up and merging your character. All together, this time each of your characters has their own skill tree to work from.
The trees themselves are divided into different categories, including elemental moves and passive buffs that affect HP, SP and movement, according to the digitartlend report.  
These trees aren't very complicated, but GP doesn't come that easy at the beginning of the game, and planning your route is just another part of the tactical experience that you need to master. Here are the best skills you can get in Persona 5 Tactica that your enemies will never expect. .
While each character's skill tree is unique, meaning the branches have different names, the way they work is similar (except for Futaba), the only real difference being the item you upgrade for each specific character, and remember that you can always respect your character if you want to rebuild it. To have a stronger set of skills.

Rest skill 

Every character needs rest, which is almost non-negotiable, and just like in the main games, your SP or mana are always at their highest. 
This is required to use any of your character powers, which are by far your deadliest moves. Since you are a limited resource, you will have to pick and choose when you can spend it because it will no longer be free. 
Soul Repose mitigates this somewhat by restoring a portion of your SP when that character is in cover.

Elemental boosts and single-target elemental attacks

Now, you don't have to worry too much about casting spells, it's time to power them up, and just increasing your character's elemental power is great, but we also suggest focusing on the single-target version of their attacks instead of ones that can hit multiple targets. They are stronger, but can actually hit more than one target if they are close enough, plus, you will be happy with the increased damage dealt to a single unit when facing bosses.


Also in the main character tree are healing moves depending on the character, you will start with either a single or multi-targeted healing move and then upgrade to a stronger version which almost always becomes multi-targeted, once you know who you want to be your healer, have them drop into that branch first.
Futaba is a unique case in Persona 5 Tactica, and not just because of her personality, but she has a completely different set of skills than everyone else and they are all passive buffs that affect the entire party. 
There are only seven of them, but they are all very powerful and equally expensive. These will sometimes restore HP or SP for the entire team during battle, and can even prevent the killing blow from hitting once per battle, once you have the basics down with your main team. , start chopping down the Futaba tree.