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How to fix the AirDrop service has stopped working


Apple introduced the AirDrop  service for the first time in 2011 to facilitate the transfer of files across its various devices depending on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and it is now a widely used service among iPhone, iPad and Mac users .

Although most modern Apple devices contain the AirDrop service , it may stop working or fail to transfer files sometimes for various reasons, including those related to the device or wireless networks .

about job:

1- Ensure that the target phone is turned on and unlocked, and the locked iPhone will not appear as an available device to receive files via AirDrop.

2- Turn off the Personal Hotspot, if you are using the iPhone as a Personal Hotspot , the AirDrop service will not work in your phone, and the solution is to turn off the Personal Hotspot when you use AirDrop and you can turn it back on after you finish sharing files .

3- Make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on, as the AirDrop service relies on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to transfer files, so you must make sure that these two networks are turned on for the devices that you want to use AirDrop  on .

4- Make sure that the operating system is updated. You can use AirDrop on any iPhone running iOS 7 or any later version. If you are having problems using the service, you must check the version of the iOS operating system for the iPhone. If you are using an iPad, the service AirDrop works on iPadOS 13 and later, so you should update the operating system on your iPad if necessary .

5- Disable the firewall of your Mac. If you are trying to use AirDrop on a Mac computer, you must check that the firewall settings of your computer allow new connections, otherwise the AirDrop service will not work.

6- Restart the device If none of the previous methods solve the problem of AirDrop has stopped working, try restarting the devices where you use the AirDrop service. A restart may be required if you changed some settings on your phone or computer recently, and it can Rebooting also gets rid of some minor issues that prevent your device from working properly .