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New AI-generated text detection tool


Microsoft's OpenAI introduced a chatbot named ChatGPT in November 2022. Since its launch, the popular chatbot has exploded due to its "human-like" capabilities that can process prompts to write essays, essays, poems, and more.

The chatbot has also been criticized by many educational institutions as teachers fear that ChatGPT will hinder the learning curve for students and will facilitate cheating.

To solve this problem, the creator of ChatGPT has now created a new tool called an AI classifier, which will help users identify text generated by artificial intelligence.

OpenAI has updated its blog post to announce the latest software that can detect AI-generated text. 

Here are all the details about the tool that can detect text typed on ChatGPT:

What is an AI classifier?

An AI classifier is a language model that is trained on a dataset of both human-written and AI-written texts on the same topic. This tool aims to distinguish text written by humans from texts written by artificial intelligence. depending on the company. The latest software uses a variety of providers to address issues like - automated disinformation campaigns and academic hoaxes.

AI Classifier: Availability and Drawbacks

The company also addressed the efficiency of the detection tool and stated that the program is not very reliable for texts under 1000 characters. Furthermore, OpenAI also warns that edited texts originally written with AI can deceive the classifier. 

Classified AI is currently in its public beta mode and the company has stated that it will make the tool publicly available to get feedback on the usefulness of this "imperfect tool". 

AI classifier: relevance 

OpenAI states that it recognizes the importance of AI-generated text identification among educators. The company also states that this tool is also important for understanding "the limitations and impacts of AI-generated text classifiers in the classroom."

ChatGPT has been banned by schools and colleges

The viral chatbot has been banned from several educational institutions which include- American schools, Bengaluru colleges, a major university in France, etc. These institutions are concerned that students will use this chatbot for cheating or plagiarism. 

Third-party detection tools such as GPTZero have also been introduced to help teachers discover AI-generated text. OpenAI has also confirmed that it is engaging with educators to discuss the capabilities and limitations of ChatGPT.

The company also promised to continue working on AI-generated text detection.