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4 problems that concern experts in the "ChatGTP" platform


Launched by OpenAI late last year, the new chat platform based on artificial intelligence "ChatGTP" has become the number one topic of conversation in the IT world, due to its ability to compose speeches and tell stories in just a few seconds and with precision. Extremely based on artificial intelligence techniques, according to the Emirati statement.
 But this platform or program that has been fed huge amounts of data in order to be able to interact with the user is not only impressive but also suspicious.
Scientists and information technology experts took a close look at the "GBT Chat" program and began to warn of some big problems, foremost of which are: data protection, data security gaps, hate speech broadcasts, and false news.
"With all the hype... this system hasn't been looked at critically yet," says Ruth Stock Hamburg, founder of the Leap Center, In Time Lab Research in Germany and professor at Darmstadt Technical University.
Experts point to 4 major vulnerabilities in the GTP chat system, the first of which is the possibility of manipulation. The system is based on an extremely wide range of applications. And through an experiment conducted by researchers at Technical University Darmstadt by spending 7 weeks sending thousands of questions to the GBT chat system, it turned out that it could be manipulated, according to Stock Hamburg.
The second problem or loophole is the difficulty of tracing the sources of information or content in the system. Stock Hamburg gave an example that when asking questions containing criminal content, there are instructions and security mechanisms to deal with them, but it turned out that these mechanisms can be easily defrauded, according to doctoral student and artificial intelligence language expert Seven Schultz.
In another way, the system can be made to show how to produce fraudulent emails. He can also immediately explain three ways to defraud the elderly.
GBT Chat can also show you how to break into homes, with helpful instructions on how to use weapons in the break-ins. At the same time, the sources of this criminal content cannot be easily traced across the platform.
The third problem is privacy concerns, as concerns about securing and protecting data remain with every new technology.
"What can be said is that GBT Chat obtains a large and varied amount of data from users, stores and processes it, and then at a specific time creates a user model according to this data," said Christian Holthaus, a data protection expert in Frankfurt, adding that the problem is The presence of all server computers of this system in the United States, which gives it unacceptable control over the data of users from every country in the world.
"It's a real problem if you haven't succeeded in establishing this technology in Europe or developing your own technology," Holthaus said. In the near future there will be no solution to ensure adherence to data protection.
The fourth problem is that the GBT chat system is still immature and in the development stage. Stock Hamburg says that at this moment the system is still popular with individual users and does not represent anything for the business sector or areas related to data security, adding: "We have no idea how to deal with this thing, because it is not mature yet."