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What does it mean?.. YouTube launches the joint live broadcast feature for phones and how to use it


YouTube revealed the launch of its new “ Go Live Together” feature, which allows users to invite a guest to join the live broadcast .

And YouTube started testing the “joint live broadcast” feature last November, and in a tweet it published about making the feature available to everyone as a new way to start a joint broadcast easily and invite a guest, by phone .

The company said creators must have more than 50 subscribers to host the shared broadcast, but anyone can be a guest .

It allows eligible creators to invite a guest to join the live stream with them, and when they go live with a smartphone , the live feed will appear at the top of the guest screen.

YouTube added in its latest tweet, "It is currently exploring adding desktop support for this feature and will provide an update at some point in the future . "

The company also stated that multiple guests can be hosted in the live broadcast, but only one guest can appear in the live broadcast at a time .

How to access the Shared Live Broadcast feature:

1- You must open the YouTube application from the phone, then at the bottom of the screen, press the compose icon, then choose "Shared Live Broadcast".

2- Enter the details of the broadcast, including: title, description, monetization settings, thumbnails / display level settings, then press Done .

3- From the “Invite a shared live broadcast creator” page, click on the option to invite the guest, then copy the link and send it to the guest in a message.

 4- The guest clicks on the link to be transferred to the waiting room, and then you will see a notification of his entry.

5- Click on Add, then on Broadcast Live Content to start it .