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Zoom: AI avatars will attend meetings for you in the future


Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has suggested that in the not-too-distant future, users could send AI-powered avatars to attend meetings in their absence, delegating the hard work of company life to a system trained on their content, according to The Guardian.

Eric Yuan told The Verge that such a system would be "five or six years away," but added that the company is working on near-term technologies that could bring it closer to reality
“Let's assume, after five or six years, that AI is ready,” Yuan added. “Maybe AI can help with 90% of the work, but in terms of real-time interaction, today, you and I are talking online. So, I can Send my digital copy, and you can send yours.

Yuan, who also founded Zoom, added that using AI avatars in this way could free up time for less career-focused choices: “You and I can have more time to have more personal interactions, but maybe not for work, maybe for something else “ .

Ultimately, he suggests each user will have their own “large language model” (LLM), the underlying technology for services like ChatGPT, which will be trained on their speech and behavior patterns, to allow them to create highly personalized responses to queries. And requests

Such systems could be a natural evolution of AI tools that already exist today, and services like Gmail can summarize and suggest responses to emails based on previous messages, while Microsoft Teams transcribes and summarizes video conferences, automatically creating a to-do list of contents

Other services will create realistic video avatars and believable speech from text Put them all together, and it might feel like an AI avatar is pretty close

However, AI expert Simon Willison dismissed the idea that such technology was imminent or even possible, saying: “My fundamental problem with this whole idea is that it represents pure sci-fi AI thinking, and just because an LLM degree can make a passable impression on someone... What, doesn't mean she can actually perform useful "work" on that person's behalf