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G-Assist is a new artificial intelligence assistant to help you in video games.. Details


Last year, during Computex 2023, Nvidia made headlines for showcasing how generative AI could enable players to interact with non-playable characters (NPCs) using their voices. Now, the chipmaker is in the spotlight again due to its promising AI features. In the world of gaming, the company has just introduced a new chatbot, G-Assist, which can help new players play their favorite games like a pro.

We've all been in situations where we've had to rely on Google or YouTube to better understand a game, so whether you're looking for a special weapon in a game like Elden Ring or just looking for tips and tricks to beat a Game like Only Up, our best bet is to search the internet.

But, this may not be the case in the future as Nvidia's G-Assist will help players get information about the game in real-time. Not only this, the chatbot will also help you optimize your computer to run the game in the best possible way and will also suggest... The best possible course of action when you're in the middle of an intense gaming session

Nvidia demonstrated this during a demo available on its official YouTube channel. The demo shows how Project G-Assist can help new players find their way in the game or rescue seasoned players when they're looking for something specific.

Project G-Assist uses artificial intelligence to ensure information is readily available when players need it. It works by ingesting a speech or text prompt from the player along with context from the screen and then feeds that into a large language model that has been optimized,” said Guillermo Simar, senior director. Products at Nvidia during the demo: “With the developer's game knowledge database, these AI models can be run in the cloud or accelerated locally by the GPU.”

Not only can players get information about the game, but they can also get suggestions for what's happening on the screen as the AI ​​chatbot can see what the player is doing in the game. “The assistant can also tailor its recommendations to your playing style,” Simar said. "

As mentioned earlier, G-Assist, apart from helping with in-game tips and tricks, can understand your PC and optimize it for an enhanced experience, and the chatbot can also share insights into 'performance metrics like FPS and response time and can tell you when you're doing something wrong For example, if you're gaming at 1080p and your computer supports up to 4K resolution, G-Assist will help you get the best results.

“AI assistants will change the way we interact with our favorite games and apps, and Project G Assist is a glimpse into that future,” Simar said at the end of the demo.