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Adobe gets AI-powered image creation


Adobe has introduced a slew of new artificial intelligence (AI) features for  Acrobat , its PDF editing software, and these features are powered by Adobe Firefly Image 3 - the third iteration of the company's internal text-to-image model. Users will not only be able to leverage AI to enhance images, but will also be able to create them using text prompts in the app. In addition to image creation capabilities , Adobe has also introduced the Insights feature for documents as well as the ability to summarize meetings, according to indiatoday.

AI Features in Acrobat

Adobe has unveiled the integration of Firefly Image 3 into Acrobat. Users can tap into the image editing option to take advantage of Firefly-powered generative fill, background removal, erasing, and cropping features. The company claims it can "add, remove, and activate content" in the documents.

Moreover, Image 3 also allows users to create images via text prompts in documents. Images can be added to any part of the document and their size and style can be modified. It is worth noting that Adobe introduced similar features to  Photoshop , its image editing software, in April.

According to the company, Adobe Firefly is trained on licensed content, including moderated Adobe Stock content and public domain images with expired copyrights, to differentiate between real images and AI-generated images. Adobe claims it follows the open standard Coalition. for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), which requires manufacturers to add an AI tag and include details about its creation process within the image metadata.

The AI ​​Assistant, which uses artificial intelligence to provide responses to document-related queries, is also getting additional features, starting today (June 18), and can provide insights about the document, such as identifying trends, answering questions, and collecting and formatting information from different sources, Adobe says. Its AI assistant can not only respond, but can also provide citations along with it, making it easier for the user to quickly navigate to the relevant point without having to go through the entire document.

Adobe has also introduced enhanced meeting transcription capabilities for its AI Assistant. By leveraging AI, it can now automatically generate generative summaries for virtual meetings. This allows users to stay on top of discussion topics and key actions, according to the company.