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Google Maps makes it easy to find electric vehicle charging stations quickly and easily


Google is working on providing important information to drivers who use an electric vehicle (EV), when it comes to charging the car’s battery. The application will take users to the nearest electric vehicle charging station, detect whether the charger is compatible with a specific vehicle, and whether the charger is fast, medium, or fast. slow, users can also determine when the charger was last used to help determine if a driver is wasting battery life by heading to a broken charger or one that is out of service

According to Android Police, to make finding these chargers easier, an update has arrived in Google Maps that will allow users to replace the preset “Gas Stations” filter with “Charging Stations.” To make this change, you must first go into the app settings and change your car to an electric or gas hybrid. To do this, open the Google Maps app and tap the profile icon located to the right of the search field at the top of the screen. Tap Settings > Navigation > Engine type, and choose Electric if you drive an electric car or a hybrid if that's what you drive

Once you make the above change, you'll notice that the filters at the top of the screen will include a filter that says "Charging Stations" instead of "Gas." Once you make this change, which is available for both Android and iOS versions of Google Maps, this important information will be quickly and easily available to those looking to charge their car. Instead of filling it with fuel

Also, if you drive an electric car, you can pre-set the type of plug you use for charging. Go to Settings > Electric Car Settings and you can choose from eight different types of plugs

Additionally, with the update, entire streets are now highlighted in blue instead of just displaying a pin on them, and this will allow users to get a better idea of ​​how long a street has been running