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Google I/O conference.. Google reveals artificial intelligence announcements for Android 15


Google is preparing to hold its annual developers conference, Google I/O, and earlier, there were a lot of rumors that Google would launch the Pixel 8a phone during the event. However, the tech giant had a surprise for fans last week and launched the Pixel 8a on May 7, and there Some of the announcements that Google may make are that artificial intelligence is expected to be the highlight of the event, according to indiatoday.

Artificial intelligence is likely to be the most prominent
In response to the popularity of tools like ChatGPT and CoPilot, Google has doubled down on its investment in generative AI, especially through its Gemini model. This AI model not only powers Google's chatbot, but is also integrated into other hardware features, an upcoming conference may reveal. About further collaboration, perhaps with Apple, to integrate Gemini into iOS functionality.

Internally, Google appears to be moving from its traditional Assistant to its more advanced Gemini chatbot. This shift and its implications for Assistant-based smart home gadgets will likely be detailed at the conference. Expectations are also set for announcements about deeper AI integration across Google's product line. Which could include upgrades to Gemini and enhanced AI features for Pixel devices.

Android 15 ads
One of the announcements during Google I/O 2024 is also likely to be a comprehensive exploration of Android 15, the next version of the operating system. The first beta has been released, and more details are expected to be discussed at the event. Google I/O is usually held when... Google unveils new user-oriented features, providing a valuable platform for developers and technology enthusiasts to participate, and reports earlier indicated new features such as a global dark mode, an improved interface for horizontal use, and improved handling of notifications.

Since the initial beta, we've seen additions like partial screen sharing, a notification quieting feature, and expanded health tracking functionality, and new APIs have also been introduced, enabling apps to better manage their performance and providing users with detailed information about app size.

Will we see new devices?
So, now that Google has launched the Pixel 8a, rumors suggest there are still potential for hardware announcements during the event, and speculation suggests we may hear more about the next-generation Pixel Fold - potentially rebranded as the Pixel 9 series - Although a full launch may not be on the cards yet, there are also whispers of a Pixel Tablet 2; However, the recent launch of a dockless version of the previous model could mean a longer wait for the new tablet, and while an official reveal may not happen, a teaser could be on the agenda.