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Warnings: Artificial Intelligence may surpass human thinking by 2027


Mathematician and futurist Ben Goertzel, concluding a summit on artificial general intelligence this month, predicted that artificial intelligence is on the verge of achieving record rates, saying, “It seems entirely plausible that we could reach general artificial intelligence at human levels of intelligence within three to eight years.” "Years to come."

According to what the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported, Goertzel, who is sometimes called the “Father of Artificial General Intelligence,” added, “Once you reach the level of human general artificial intelligence, you can have radically superior artificial intelligence.”
While the futurist admitted that he "could be wrong," he went on to predict that the only obstacle to a runaway and highly advanced AI, far more advanced than its human creators, would be the robot's "conservatism" of caution.
Goertzel made his predictions during his closing remarks last week at the “2024 Beneficial AI Summit and Unconference,” which is sponsored in part by his own company, SingularityNET, where he is CEO.
But no one has created human-level artificial general intelligence (AGI) yet; No one has a firm grasp on when we'll get there; As Goertzel puts it, it would require “a quantum computer with a million qubits or something like that.”
“My own view is that once you get to human-level general artificial intelligence, within a few years, you can have radically superhuman AI,” he said.
In recent years, Goertzel has been investigating a concept he calls “artificial superintelligence” (ASI), which he defines as artificial intelligence so advanced that it matches all the brain power and computing power of human civilization.