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This year's Google I/O event launches on May 14


Google has revealed the date for this year's I/O conference, with the event set for May 14, and it will once again be a one-day event this year, where the next step for the Android operating system and the company's AI-based products can be learned.
According to engadget, although I/O is a developer conference, there is always a lot of interest for consumers. For example, the keynote is bound to offer a look at some of the upcoming Pixel and Android features.

Google's next steps in the fast-moving field of artificial intelligence are also expected to be revealed, especially with the recent rebranding of its chatbots and the release of several newer models.

It is worth noting that Google's generative artificial intelligence tool "Gemini" had made headlines for displaying behavior that many described as "racist," while Google recently announced that it would not allow the artificial intelligence tool to answer inquiries related to the elections that will be held around the world, in A step from it to organize the matter and avoid problems that occur as a result of its tool.