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Opera unveils a new browser for iPhone users that works with artificial intelligence


This move provides Opera with an opportunity to innovate and provide a unique browsing experience centered around artificial intelligence for iPhone and iPad users, as the new browser, which is DMA compliant as of March 2024, will be introduced in the coming months.
Opera has been active in the field of browser AI since early 2023, introducing the Aria AI browser to its products and redesigning its main desktop browser as the AI-based Opera One browser, and in 2024, Opera aims to enhance this innovation even further.
The openness of the EU DMA is a positive development, and Opera encourages Apple to expand these freedoms to iOS users globally, and Opera looks forward to offering the new Opera One for iOS, with a focus on artificial intelligence.
In addition, Opera will soon announce a major investment in a major AI infrastructure project in Europe to support the development of the new browser, when announcing Opera One for iOS.