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Google introduces a new feature to the Play Store to update applications in a timely manner


You can refine your targeting by country or Android version if necessary, without any prior integration, and Google indicates that more than 50% of users respond positively to these prompts, which enhances the overall user experience. 

Require users to update to the latest version of the app

After users are prompted to update, you can use the Play Console's recovery to modify the update configuration, monitor its progress, or cancel the recovery procedure.

If users are using an outdated or problematic version of the app, Play Console helps you ask them to update, especially if there's a security issue. 
Select the app package version, and choose targeting criteria (all users, by country, or by Android version). Users will see a full-screen prompt when they open the app, indicating the need to update. Users can either update or decline, with the prompt repeated after each restart. Runs cold if rejected, and if accepted, the app will be updated to the latest compatible version.

Important notes before asking users to update in Play Console:

1. There must be a new version in all paths that contain the version of the application that you want users to update from.

2. You can cancel the recovery procedure at any time, which only affects users who have not updated.
3. You can expand your targeting criteria as needed. 


To use this feature, sign in to the Google Play Console and go to the Versions or App Bundle Explorer page, then choose the app versions for which you want to submit update prompts.

You can also use the Play Developer API for this purpose, and soon you will be able to target multiple versions of apps at once. Keep in mind that the version you are targeting should be built as an application package.