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Google Bard launches an open call for proposals you want to see in 2024


The “ 2024 Bard Wish List” on the Google Bard subreddit comes from a product manager on the team: “We would like to know what changes and new features in Bard you would all like to see in 2024.”


Meanwhile, on X/Twitter , another team member has compiled the top “ Bard requests through 2024.”


1) More control over hallucinations: A guide to knowing when to explore possibilities and create new information versus responsibly summarizing existing information.


2) Expanded multimodality: You will love Gemini more

3) Easier Access: You all want to use an app

4) Access to borderline abilities: You'll love Bard Advanced

Bard Advanced featuring Gemini Urtla will be released "early next year," while non-text modalities will be available "soon."

On mobile, people want to use Bard as an app, and from what has already been announced, Google's solution will be just Assistant Bard (AWB) on Android and iOS .

In the first-party mobile operating system, AWB is integrated into the Google app – although it should be clearly separate from Search and its SGE – as part of the existing Assistant offering, which has some advantages, and the pre-installed nature of the Google app means it will Available on every Android device , while deep integration allows it to be called up on top of any app/task by holding down the power button or swiping on the corner of the screen.

It remains to be seen if that will be enough for people who might expect a more traditional app like Bard Google  but with a native mobile experience.