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Steam has not ranked the games in each category, however, its “Best of 2023” list categorizes them into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels, with the top 12 games in each category being placed in Platinum, the next 12 in Gold, and the next 26 in Gold. In Silver while the last 50 games are in Bronze, the list has been compiled by Steam using data from January 1 through December 15, 2023.
The Platinum tier in this category includes Apex Legends, Baldur's Gate 3, Starfield, Hogwarts Legacy, Cyberpunk 2077, Dota 2, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Call of Duty, and more.
The Platinum level for this tier includes Street Fighter 6, Starfield, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, FC 24, Hogwarts Legacy, Baldur's Gate 3, and more.
Games in this category are measured by peak concurrent players. The Platinum level of this category consists of games with over 300,000 players and includes Hogwarts Legacy, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike 2, Baldur's Gate 3, Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Dota 2, and more.
This category includes Baldur's Gate 3, Marvel Snap, Everspace 2, My Time at Sandrock, Farlight 84, Agent the Storm, and more.
The Platinum tier in this category includes Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Baldur's Gate 3, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Grand Theft Auto V, Half-Life, Cyberpunk 2077 and others.
This category includes Call of Duty HQ, Rocket League, FIFA 23. Hogwarts Legacy, Elden Ring, FC 24, Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4 Remake NBA 2K23 Apex Legends and more.
Top exclusive VR experiences by gross revenue
The top tier in this category includes Boneworks, Blade & Sorcery, Half-Life: Alyx, VTOL VR, Pavlov, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, and more.