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Finally, you can share high-quality photos and videos on WhatsApp


The WhatsApp application is currently rolling out a new update for iOS users that allows people to share photos and videos via its platform in their original quality without any pressure.

The WhatsApp application transmits multimedia, but at low quality, even after adding a little high quality to its compression algorithm in the update it launched last August.

But with the new update released recently, media files will not be compressed at all. Instead, the new update will treat media as data files just like other documents. When sending a text file, such as a Word file, for example, WhatsApp does not open it within the chat window, but the recipient can click on it to open it, so it is not compressed.

The new update will not happen automatically, as the user must decide to send an uncompressed image or video clip and click on the “+” icon to transfer this type of media like other files.

WhatsApp says that the launch of this new feature will be gradual, so it may take a few weeks before it reaches all users around the world.

As for the Android system , the company is working on it, according to a report published by MacRumors, but there is no information about the release date.