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iOS 17.3 update allows connection to some hotel room TVs via AirPlay


Apple has shared  the full release notes for iOS 17.3, which will be released to the public next week. The notes reveal that iOS 17.3 allows the iPhone to connect to select TVs in hotel rooms via AirPlay, but details remain scant for now, according to macrumors.
This feature allows iPhone users to scan a QR code on a supported hotel room TV to create an AirPlay connection, allowing them to wirelessly stream videos, photos and music from their iPhone to the TV. Google already offers a similar feature on some hotel TVs, allowing guests to stream content. From their smartphone via Chromecast.
In June 2023, Apple said that the company is one of the global hotels planning to adopt this feature, but the exact availability is unknown, and LG previously announced that it will be one of the first manufacturers of hotel room TVs to support this feature.
Apple originally said the feature would launch last year, but it was delayed until 2024.