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Apple Pay.. How to make digital payments on an iPhone


How do you use Apple Pay
Apple Pay works alongside the Apple Wallet app, which you can find on most Apple devices, including iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac. After you load your Apple Wallet app with one or more credit cards, you can use Apple Pay to complete transactions. Purchase at point-of-sale terminals in many restaurants, grocery stores and retail stores.
There will be a mark indicating that the device accepts Apple Pay or tap-to-pay credit cards. To make a payment, double-tap the side button of your phone and use Face ID or Touch ID to apply authentication. This prevents a stranger from using your phone to make purchases using your credit cards. .
Your default credit card will be automatically selected, if you want to use a different card, scroll through the list and select a different card.
Place your phone near the device's credit card reader until a check mark appears, your transaction is complete.
How to access your Apple Pay account
You can check your Apple Pay account balance and transaction history at any time by looking in the Apple Wallet app. Apple Pay tracks account information for each card you use with Apple Pay separately.
Also on your iPhone, launch the Wallet app and tap on the card you want to review, you should be able to see details like your balance and transaction history.