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How to access and write health data using Siri


In iOS 17.2Siri can access data from a> a>.macrumorsor writing certain information, according to the websiteHealth‌Siri‌ to read health information available in the , which means you can ask SiriHealth

Starting with iOS 17.2‌Siri‌ can access data from a> To answer your health and fitness questions, for example, you can ask how many hours of sleep you got the night before, or ask about your progress in closing activity rings Your blood sugar level for the day, or ask about your blood sugar level if you have a monitor connected.Health

In addition to theiPhone, you can also findSiri‌ features New health care on Apple Watch Series 9 andApple Watch Urtla< a i=9> (second generation) running watchOS 10.2, although the arrival of ‌Siri‌ to health data is limited to the last week or so on Apple Watch.

Here are some examples of health queries you can ask ‌Siri‌

What is heart rate

How many calories did you burn today

How many steps did you take this week

What is the oxygen level in the blood

What is the average walking speed

For the new function to work, you must first enable it on your ‌iPhone‌ or Apple Watch The following steps show you how to do this.


1- Open the Settings application.

2- Click on Health.

3- Click on Data and Device Access.

4- Click on Siri.

Now that you've given Siriaccess to your health data, you can start inquiring about the personal assistant or start using it to easily record data in your ‌Siri‌ app. a i=3>Health.