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A new update to the Google Play Store app removes the search bar for some users


Google is testing a new design for the Play Store

Google Play Store doesn't often go through major changes, and with the latest design changes, Google added Material You to change the overall look of the app to suit the current version of Android, and since then, this important Android app has remained the same.

According to the report, Google is now testing another redesign of the app. This change is set to bring a new tab at the bottom and in the process the search bar has been removed. The report indicates that this change was first noticed at the beginning of December. 
One Pixel Fold user complained that his Play Store looked a little different and that the search bar was missing. The app showed three main tabs at the bottom: Games, Apps, and Books. However, this version of the app was missing the “Offers” tab.
Users said the only way to search for an app was to tap on one of the suggested apps from the home tab and use the search icon that appeared on the page, and other users also noticed a similar issue.
User Search is also missing from the Apps and Games pages, but in this version, the bar is visible in the Search tab.