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A new update to Google Messages supports Urtla HDR images in conversations


Google's Messages application has added support for Urtla HDR in RCS (Rich Communication Services) conversations . This function will allow users to share high-quality images in their RCS messages. The Urtla HDR image format is available on devices running Android 14 , and the Pixel 8 and Pixel phones are... The new 8 Pro from Google is among the first devices to receive the new feature, according to the gadgets360 website .

Google Messages already offers many messaging features including read receipts, typing indicators, inline replies, group chats, video calls, and more in RCS conversations .

Apple, Google's main competitor, is also planning to bring the RCS protocol to iPhone models in 2024. The new RCS standard will work alongside iMessage , and will debut on iPhone models via a software update next year adding a wide range of iMessage- style features. To messaging between iPhone and Android devices .

What is RCS

It is an abbreviation for “Rich Communication Services”, or rich communication services, and it was launched in 2017, as it relies primarily on the ability to send multimedia within the traditional messaging application, which was limited to text messages only.

What is the difference between it and SMS

The SMS system is limited to text messages and does not support sending high-quality images or uploading video clips, but RCS comes to support all of these features. It is possible to send pictures, video clips, PDF and Word files, and download files up to 10 GB in size.