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Reddit mean to test the authentication tag


Following a slew of social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn,  Reddit  is planning its verification system to put an "official" badge in front of users who have confirmed their identity.
The social media forum said it is currently testing with a limited number of profiles to validate it. Only a few organizations with previous relationships with the site have received the new "official" designation. "This is currently only available to a *small number," the company said in a post. Very * (in double digits) profiles that belong to organizations we already have existing relationships with, and are interested in engaging with Redditors and communities on our platform.”
And unlike Blue Opt-In for Twitter and Meta Verified for Insgtam and Facebook, Reddit's official label won't offer any additional benefits for verified accounts, the company confirmed. They will have to pay for verification. 
According to Reddit, this naming is intended to help moderators and users recognize these institutions instantly, and also allows them to believe that these users are real. The primary goal of Reddit is to investigate ways to enhance authentic interaction between organizations and users.
The Reddit official notes that it is important to distinguish between an official poster and a promoted hash. The official poster should not be confused with the promoted tag, which is used for paid ads. In the same post, the company highlights new accessibility changes that have been rolled out to the platform.
Reddit has modified its notification systems by implementing Automod to run before posting, and how it sends response notifications to comments, including push and email notifications. 
And by running content checks before notifications are sent, Reddit says it can prevent users from seeing content removed by Automod