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Why are studios scrambling to hire AI specialists?


It's been weeks since work stopped working in Hollywood , with writers and actors picketing against big studios and streaming services, including Disney, Netflix and others, and while actors and writers have revealed they've brought up numerous lawsuits, including fair pay, the main disagreement has been the use of artificial intelligence. 
Actors worry that studios may exploit their looks and voices without compensation or proper notice, and at the same time, writers worry that large language paradigms like ChatGPT could negatively impact their profession through writing or revising scripts. 
On the one hand, producers believe that the application of AI should be approached with caution and balance rather than rejecting it outright, and while actors and writers are clearly not happy with AI's foray into the entertainment industry, producers, on the other hand, seem very fascinated by how the technology will affect the future.
And every major studio, especially Disney, is hiring AI experts, not just one or two, but there are currently many vacancies in AI and machine learning across different productions, and Disney has about a lot of openings related to AI-focused roles, according to the report. According to The Hollywood Reporter. 
Disney's "Imagineering" team is hiring an R&D Imagineer specializing in generative AI, who has "the ambition to push the boundaries of what AI tools can create, understand the difference between the voice of data and the voice of a designer, writer, or artist," and "the job drives up to $180,000 annually. The role is to “collaborate with studios, universities, organizations and third-party developers to evaluate, adopt and integrate the latest AI technologies.” 
Another AI-focused job at Disney is for a Machine Learning Engineer in the Disney Streaming Advanced Research division, whose role is to create AI-powered personalization solutions for the studios' broadcast platforms, including Disney+, Star+, and ESPN+. 
Disney isn't alone either. Netflix is ​​preparing for a long battle with recent vacancies for high-paying jobs involving artificial intelligence. The company plans to integrate artificial intelligence into all areas of the business, including improving the production of films and TV shows.
Recent job listings indicate that AI will be used to create content, not just develop algorithms. One job pays up to $900,000 annually, while another job pays up to $650,000.
While Amazon and Apple are primarily tech companies, they also produce content, and these two giants have many job opportunities in AI and machine learning, some of which are in production. 
For example, Amazon is looking for a Senior Project Manager for Prime Video, paying a base salary of $300,000, who will be responsible for defining the future of content localization, optimizing content, and making it accessible using advanced generative AI and computer vision. 
Sony AI, a unit of Sony Pictures Entertainment, is looking for an "ethics" engineer to develop AI technologies that enhance creativity and benefit society. The job includes collaboration with other Sony business units and payment of up to $160,000.
For the first time in 69 years, actors and writers are coming together, and their concerns are clear — artificial intelligence systems to protect them and their work.