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Adobe adds the Generative Fill feature to Photoshop...all you need to know about it


Adobe has revealed the Generative Fill tool in Photoshop that brings Adobe Firefly's generative AI capabilities to design workflows. The company, known for its range of creative software, claims Generative Fill is the world's first assistant in creative and design workflows.
According to the Indian TOI website, the tool allows users to add, extend or remove content from images in seconds using simple text prompts, and it should be noted that this is a beta version and the company will soon integrate Firefly across (Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Lightroom) and Document Cloud (Acrobat Reader). Adobe Scan), Experience Cloud (analytics, advertising, and media optimization software), and Adobe Express.
Adobe Firefly is a family of creative generative artificial intelligence that will allow content creators to create high-quality images and text effects by providing text inputs. The beta has more than 100 million original users, and since its launch, Adobe has got Firefly support for vector recoloring and generative fills.
“By integrating Firefly directly into workflows as a creative assistant, Adobe is accelerating the thought process, exploration and production for all of our customers,” said Ashley Steele, senior vice president of digital media at Adobe. Generally available in the second half of 2023. Generative Fill is also available as a module within the Firefly beta app
"Generative Fill combines the speed and ease of use of generative AI with the power and precision of Photoshop, enabling clients to bring their visions to life at the speed of their imagination," he added
What is generative filling
In simple terms, Generative Fill is a tool that allows users to enlarge images and add or remove objects from an image. Adobe states that Generative Fill automatically matches the perspective, lighting, and style of images enabling users to quickly get the desired results while minimizing tedious tasks.
One advantage of Generative Fill is that it can edit an image "non-destructively," which means that creators create content in production layers that enable them to quickly implement ideas without affecting the original image. The company also said that Generative Fill supports content credentials, which serve as a way to ensure that People online know that certain content is human-generated, AI-generated, or AI-edited.