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What does Google's new PaLM 2 linguistic AI model mean? And what are its advantages?


During its developer conference this year, Google revealed PaLM 2, the second generation of the linguistic artificial intelligence model on which ChatGPT's competitor Bard is based, as the company said it now supports 25 of its services.

 What is PaLM2

It is a linguistic artificial intelligence model from Google that provides high capabilities in a wide range of tasks, based on the latest research in AI technologies and the company's infrastructure. Google also said that more than 25 products and features of its products are now supported by the capabilities of the new model PaLM2.
Google offers different models of PaLM 2 in different sizes, which Google calls Gecko, Otter, Bison, and Unicorn. The company said that Gecko is so small that it can work on mobile devices, and it is fast enough for interactive applications on the device even when offline
According to Google, PaLM 2 models are stronger in logic and reasoning thanks to extensive training on scientific and mathematical topics, and it is also trained in multilingual text processing (reaching more than 100 languages), and it is able to process code and assist programmers in various programming tasks, and assist developers. All over the world in collaboration to write code.