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Google officially announces support for sharing files between Android and Windows devices


On Friday, Google announced the launch of a beta version of the Nearby Share file sharing feature for Windows PCs.
The American tech giant had launched the Nearby Share feature in 2020 as a quick and easy way to share files across nearby devices, according to aitnews.
“The (Nearby Share) feature, which is now available on nearly 3 billion active Android devices, allows us to quickly send and receive content across Android smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks,” Google said in a blog post.
And the company added: “Today, we are expanding the (nearby sharing) feature to the Windows system as a beta version in specific regions so that more of your devices can work together better.”
As for the mechanism of the (nearby sharing) feature with personal computers running the Windows operating system from Microsoft, Google said that it is easy, as you only have to download the experimental (nearby sharing) application and install it on the personal computer, to then be able to send files to nearby Android devices, or send files to your PC, depending on the device's visibility preferences.
And Google indicated that the experimental (close sharing) application works with the Windows PC, whether the application is open on the desktop or running in the background.
Sending a photo, video, or document from your computer to a nearby Android device is as easy as dragging and dropping it into the app, or by selecting Send with Nearby Share in the pop-up menu when you click the right mouse button. Then just select the Android devices you want to share with from the pop-up menu.
And if the two devices use one Google account, sending files will be faster, as file transfers are accepted automatically, even when the screen is off.
As a beta version, the (Nearby Share) feature supports sharing content on Windows computers with Android smartphones and tablets. Later, Google intends to support content sharing with other systems devices.
It is noteworthy that the experimental (near share) application for the Android operating system is now available in the United States and a number of countries around the world, such as: Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Finland and Denmark.
Although Google did not mention Turkey among the countries that support this feature, it does work, so your country may be among the countries that support the new feature.