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Microsoft is testing a power-saving feature on Windows 11 devices


Microsoft has started the new preview version of Windows 11 allowing beta program subscribers to test the adaptive brightness feature, according to aitnews.
While it was previously possible to use the Content Adaptive Brightness Control feature only on laptops while running on battery, this feature can now also be activated on devices connected to electrical power, including desktop computers
(Brandon LeBlanc) and (Amanda Langowski) from Microsoft explained that “this feature in the Windows 11 operating system will lower or raise the brightness level for areas of the laptop screen or desktop computer screen based on the content displayed in order to achieve a balance between low power consumption with experience.” visuals to save battery life
And they added: “Starting with this version, we will allow this feature to run on devices, such as laptops and (2-in-1) devices connected to a charger, as well as on desktop computers.”
While Microsoft says activating this setting will not be noticeable to most users, and helps reduce power consumption, sudden brightness and contrast changes may be distracting for users who need color accuracy.
Subscribers to the Windows trial program can activate this feature using a drop-down menu within the Brightness & Color section by going to Settings, then System, then Display
While the available options are: Off, Always, and On Battery Only, Microsoft requires users to enable the always-on option on laptops and 2-in-1 computers. ) and desktop computers and provide feedback on visual quality so you can adjust the adaptive brightness feature before it is released to the general public in a stable version of the system
Microsoft also asked those participating in the developer beta of Windows 11, build number 23424, to test the Windows Update option named Get the latest updates as soon as they are available, which will speed up Get non-security updates.
It is reported that Microsoft has also started releasing version number 25330 of Windows 11 beta for Canary developers channel subscribers, which comes with many improvements in the Microsoft Store, including: the option to install free apps and games directly from the search results, and a revamped experience For purchases, and a new UI for in-app ratings