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What is the difference?.. The most prominent differences between the PDF and EPUB e-book formats


E-books have spread greatly in the past period, and have been very popular in recent years, and with the advent of different file formats, the most famous   of which are EPU  and  PDF , each of which offers features that facilitate reading, and also allows publishers to customize e-books .

Authors and publishers use different formats for e-books, but the most common one now is the EPUB format , which has overtaken the PDF format , which is the oldest e-book format in the world. In the following lines, we learn about the most prominent differences between the PDF and EPUB e-book formats :

And EPUB :

PDF is a static and immutable format, so it is not flexible in terms of modifiability, but it is easy to use and share, which is probably why it is still one of the most widely used digital document formats in the world .

And the EPUB format appeared more than a decade after the creation of the PDF format , as the International Forum for Digital Publishing developed the   ePUB format , and it became the standard format for digital publishing, and one of the most important features of the   ePUB format is that it is editable unlike the PDF format that cannot be modified

 Now the most widely used e-book format, e-book (EPUB) is the standard used by e-book readers such as Amazon's Kindle , Kobo , Barnes & Noble Nook , and Sony Reader.

An EPUB file is a compressed file consisting of style sheets , XHTML files , and JPG images , such as: files you read in your web browser; Therefore, it is a very flexible format and supports a wide range of features, including :

The main feature that distinguishes EPUB files from PDF files is the ability to readjust their content to fit the screen of the device in use, since when you open a PDF document in a device with a small screen, you will have to zoom, pan and pinch in order to read the document, which does not provide a reading experience comfortable .

On the other hand, the EPUB file adapts seamlessly to the screen size of the device in use, as the page breaks depend on the screen size, due to its slick nature. The content on the page also rearranges itself, and the text automatically arranges itself according to the screen size of the user's reading device, so that the user can enjoy a good reading experience .

EPUB files can be easily read on any device. EPUB files are designed with e-book readers in mind. XML and XHTML make EPUB files accessible and compatible with most operating systems. You can read an EPUB document with a computer, smartphone, tablet, and any e-reader. eReader.

PDF files can be read by almost all devices, but not all e-readers can read them, as they are designed for large screens such as: computers.

Although you can view it on phones and tablets, large screens help you view PDF content comfortably, without the need to adjust and zoom in or out .