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Find out the details of the new Google Meet wallpapers on Android and iOS


Google Meet will be updated with support for comprehensive 360-degree backgrounds on Android and iOS devices, and the feature will be rolled out in the future with background options such as, beach, oasis, sky city, and mountain temple, according to a report.
The company also announced that it will also be rolling out support for new emoji reactions to the meeting experience, and users will be able to express themselves during a meeting using these emojis, according to Google.
According to a 9to5Google report, Google will be bringing 360-degree wallpapers that move with the user to Google Meet soon. The feature will reportedly use gyroscope or orientation data from a smartphone to work. The upcoming wallpaper features will be videos that will move independently of 360-degree motion. According to the report, it will include background themes such as a beach, an oasis, a sky city, or a mountain temple.
The report also includes a short clip of Google Meet 360-degree backgrounds to show what it will look like when it launches. Google will reportedly roll out these 360-degree backgrounds in the coming weeks on Android and iOS, and it will be available to both consumers and paid Workspace users, according to gadgets360.
Google Meet already offers static backgrounds, blur effects, video, animated backgrounds, patterns (such as monochrome and sepia), and face filters.
Meanwhile, Google announced that it is also bringing emoji reactions to Google Meet, allowing users to express themselves in the meeting. Smile" in the Meet control bar, then select the emoji they want to use to express themselves, and they can even choose a skin tone. The feature is currently available on Google Meet for the web, iOS devices, and Meet devices, according to the company.