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Apple allows companies to put private photos of their business in maps and promotions


Apple has launched a free Apple Business Connect tool that allows any business to customize their location cards in apps like Maps, Messages, Siri, and Wallet. They can add their own photos, set up actions (such as a restaurant reservation via OpenTable) or view the latest promotions.
It's still not likely that Apple Maps will replace Google Maps for some users, but Apple believes it has another way to narrow the feature gap and that is to give stores more control over what they see, according to the engadget report.  
Apple will check with businesses before giving control of the location card, but stores only have to use an Apple ID to sign up and Business Connect is available worldwide though the showcases will only be available in the US at first, and the company says they'll be coming to other countries. In the coming months.
The expansion comes at a time when Apple is rumored to be looking for ways to profit from Maps, and the iPhone creator is said to be preparing to bring search ads to Maps as early as this year, and if this is true, personalized store information may help Apple's profits - it could be A business is more likely to pay for advertising if it knows it will lead to more sales. 
Whatever Apple's motives, custom cards still promise to improve the maps experience for users every day, and you should see more accurate and polished information for local businesses, and have an easier time with everyday tasks such as booking a hotel or ordering groceries, and it may even be more useful when sharing locations. With friends in messages as well, and it can be said that Apple has been overdue on this front.