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Apple allows Epic's third-party app store

Apple recently announced a new version of tvOS, which is the tvOS 18 update, where Apple TV users will get new features and improvements, which we are monitoring according to what the “9to5mac” website reported:

One of the most exciting new features is InSight, which displays information about actors, characters, and even songs playing in an Apple TV+ movie or show.
With just one tap, the app shows you everything you need to know about that specific scene, and this feature is very similar to what's already in the Amazon Prime Video app

The Apple TV app will also display live previews of the live stream within the highlighted preview carousel on the home page

Enhance Dialogue got a major upgrade with tvOS 18, and now uses machine learning to deliver greater vocal clarity over music, motion, and background noise.

Previously exclusive to HomePod, Enhance Dialogue now also works with HDMI-connected speakers, AirPods, 

The system automatically enables subtitles when the user presses the mute button, or when they skip back while watching 

Apple TV will also automatically display subtitles when it detects a show or movie in a different language than the system's 

The Apple Fitness+ app for Apple TV has been redesigned with tvOS 18, and the app is now divided into a dedicated For You, Explore, Library, and Search section.

Live captions for FaceTime
The FaceTime app is already available on iOS, and it will also get Live Captions with tvOS 18. With this feature, everything said during a FaceTime call is displayed as live text on the TV screen

tvOS 17 introduced the ability to use an iPhone as an Apple TV Camera in apps like FaceTime, and with tvOS 18, users will have the option to designate a specific iPhone as a dedicated Apple TV Camera, which will always be ready to use