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Everything you want to know about Microsoft's versions of the Xbox Series console


Microsoft unveiled three new options for the Xbox Series S/ Special for the Xbox Series

Xbox 's parent company is yet to reveal regional availability and pricing for the upcoming Xbox Series S/X models, and according to reports, Microsoft will soon be taking pre-orders for three additional versions of Xbox.

The new console versions will have the same speed and performance as the current Xbox Series S/X models, but will also offer users new design, storage and pricing alternatives, according to Microsoft.

For example, an all-digital Xbox Series

New Xbox Series S/X console variants
Xbox Series
According to leaked court records from Microsoft v. FTC trial last year, the company was preparing for a digital release of the Xbox Series

The digital version of the console will also be Robot White and have 1TB of SSD storage (current Series X variants are only available in Carbon Black).

The new edition will cost $449.99/€499.99 which is less than the $499.99 disc version of the Series

Xbox Series S TB in Robotic White

The Xbox Series S initially comes with 512GB of storage and a Robot White color scheme.

Last year, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Series S with a 1TB storage capacity in a new carbon black color scheme, but additional storage space is now available in robotic white.

In select regions, the Xbox Series S 1TB in Robot White will be priced at $349.99 / €349.99.

Xbox Series
Microsoft is also launching a unique edition of the Xbox Series

The console is designed with a silver, gray and green cyan theme, a black base and a green stand. The special edition console also comes with an Xbox Wireless Controller.

The Galaxy Black Special Edition Xbox Series