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Truecaller partners with Microsoft to provide voice technology powered by artificial intelligence

Truecaller, a caller ID and call blocking app, has announced a partnership with Microsoft. Impressed by Microsoft's new personal voice assistant, it is looking to integrate the same for the same. This collaboration will be done with the help of Azure AI. This feature is only being rolled out to users who have subscribed to Truecaller Premium. , according to indiatoday

The current Truecaller AI assistant was introduced by the company in 2022, and this technology can already do a number of tasks including answering or screening calls, receiving messages, or even recording calls for later review, but this feature is only available in specific countries, however. , In the world where artificial intelligence is developing day by day, these features are not enough, hence, Truecaller sought to upgrade it

Personal voice feature in Truecaller
Working with Microsoft, Truecaller will now be able to present users with a digital version of their voice. The enhanced AI assistant is the main character here. This feature will allow callers to hear an authentic version of the user's voice instead of the generic digital assistant voice that was previously used

Truecaller believes that this feature will improve how users manage their calls and will improve their experience, and the company also demonstrated the feature via a video at the Microsoft event held on Monday, May 20.

“Not only does this groundbreaking capability add a touch of familiarity and convenience to users, it also showcases the power of AI to transform the way we interact with our digital assistants,” Rafael Memum, Truecaller product manager and general manager, said in a blog post. post

Although security concerns are still high here, Microsoft has implemented safeguards. These safeguards include automatic watermarks on AI-generated votes and a code of conductors that needs the consent of a registered individual and prohibits impersonation

How to set up this feature
Truecaller has only rolled out this feature to specific countries at the moment and has plans to expand it to other regions as well, but at the moment, the countries where the app has been rolled out are India, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa , Sweden, and Chile

To set up this feature, the app needs to be updated to the latest version, and it also requires a Premium subscription. After completing these two steps, open Assistant settings in the app and follow the instructions to record and set up your voice