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Nintendo is acquiring a studio known for its Switch ports


Nintendo has purchased (PDF) Florida-based studio Shiver Entertainment from Embracer Group, which is splitting up its somewhat chaotic gaming empire and diving certain assets

Shiver was founded in 2012 and is mostly known for working with publishers and developers to port games to Switch, including two Scribblenauts titles and Hogwarts 

Nintendo will acquire the entire "boutique-sized studio," making it a wholly-owned subsidiary that will continue to work on Switch ports and develop software for multiple platforms

The Japanese game company is not known for scooping up small studios and developers, and said in announcing the deal that it aims to "secure high-level resources for the transition and development of software titles" with this purchase. By purchasing Shiver, Nintendo is also demonstrating its commitment to the Switch platform, which will remain its core business for years to come

As noted by Nintendo Life, Nintendo may have decided to purchase Shiver to acquire her talent as well. The studio's CEO, John Chabert, is an industry veteran who has overseen Xbox Live, the Xbox platform software and Microsoft's game studios

He also served as Chief Operating Officer at EA and Zynga. Nintendo hasn't said how much it will pay for the studio, but it doesn't appear that the purchase will have any major impact on its finances. “The acquisition will have only a minor impact on Nintendo’s results for this fiscal year,” the company wrote in its announcement