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ChatGPT can now remember your instructions across all chats


In 2022, when ChatGPT was released to the public, people marveled at its human-like responses and ability to clearly remember instructions. However, these instructions are forgotten by the AI ​​chatbot if the conversation lasts too long, or when the user starts a new conversation. completely.

For example, if you ask ChatGPT to draft an article, it will do it in a few seconds. Therefore, if you ask it to change the narration of the article, it will know which article you are referring to. However, if you switch to a new chat, it will not remember AI Powered Chatbot The article you were talking about in the previous chat, but now, that won't be the case.

OpenAI's ChatGPT can now remember instructions across all chats. This feature, called "memory," is currently only available to users who pay for a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. This feature was announced back in February of this year but has become available to a limited number of users. Testers, now, are available to all ChatGPT Plus members (except those in Europe and Korea) and OpenAI announced this in a post on X.

The company's post says: "Memory is now available to all ChatGPT Plus users. Using Memory is easy: simply start a new conversation and tell ChatGPT anything you want to remember. Memory can be turned on or off in the settings and not turned on," and it is currently available in Europe or Korea, Team, Enterprise, and the upcoming GPTs.”

Memory helps ChatGPT customize its responses to you more effectively. You can tell ChatGPT what to remember, or it can pick up things from your conversations, just like other apps do with their algorithms. Thus, this feature helps ChatGPT remember your preferences and instructions so you don't have to remind it every time you start a conversation.

It should be noted that users can control what ChatGPT remembers about them, so they can manage memory and choose what they want the AI ​​tool to remember and what they want it to forget. The feature can also be turned off completely. All you have to do is head to Settings > Personalization > Memory and turn it off.

OpenAI , in a blog post in February, provided an example of how to use the memory feature. "You've indicated that you prefer meeting notes to have headlines, bullets, and summary action items at the bottom. ChatGPT remembers this and summarizes meetings that way," the post said.